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The Great Lakes Civil War Forum

Saturday, September 15, 2018; 8:30am-4:30pm

Conquer or Perish – The Shiloh Campaign


Anatomy of an Icon: The Hornet’s Nest at Shiloh

by Tim Smith

This talk will examine the famous Hornet’s Nest at Shiloh throughout its history, not just on April 6, 1862, but also in how it has been perceived in the American memory. It will examine the Hornet’s Nest’s importance, how and why it became so popular in the American public’s mind, and when it gained such fame. It will also examine whether the attention showered on the Hornet’s Nest is appropriate or whether it has been overemphasized.

Shiloh – What did it all Mean?

by Larry Daniel

Mr. Daniel’s program will not examine the tactics, but rather the meaning of it all. His thesis is that while later battles eclipsed Shiloh in body count, there was a uniqueness to Shiloh that has not always been appreciated.

Wisconsin and Shiloh

by Bjorn Skaptason

This program will consider the ways in which the Battle of Shiloh affected the State of Wisconsin and how it is remembered today. The lecture will cover the pre-battle history and operations of the three Wisconsin regiments – 14th, 16th and 18th – who fought at Shiloh. Mr. Skaptason will also relay the story of Wisconsin Governor Louis P. Harvey, who drowned in the Tennessee River shortly after the battle while bringing aid to wounded Wisconsin soldiers.

Shiloh – A Soldier’s Battle

by Tom Arliskas

Using a collection of notes and memories of the men, Mr. Arliskas’ program offers perspectives and research on the uniforms, clothing, and firearms of both the Confederates and the Union Armies that fought at Shiloh. For many Federal Regiments of the Old Northwest Territory, it would be their first time under fire. How they were dressed for battle, what firearms they carried, and how they fought will be presented in their own words and photographs. For the Confederates, how did an army outfitted with an assortment of outdated ordnance, muskets, flintlocks and conversion smooth bore muskets, shotguns, and the new Enfield Rifled muskets, dressed in donated “Great Appeal,” clothing, half- military, half-civilian, in appearance almost achieve a surprising victory? Mr. Arliskas’ program will explain how these soldiers actually looked on the field of battle, what weapons they used, and how these factors helped determine the outcome of the Battle of Shiloh.

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