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Rocks and Minerals of the Midwest

Wednesdays, October 4-11, 2017; 6:30pm-8:30pm | Instructor: Raymond Wiggers

Raymond Wiggers, geologist, educator, and author, presents a two-session workshop that offers a broad cross section of the rich geologic and mineralogical legacy of the American Midwest. The course features an in-depth look at the characteristic rock types, minerals, and ores that provide an important economic component as well as clues to our region’s dramatic past over many geological periods and hundreds of millions of years.

The course also gives an overview of the ancient environments in which these strata and deposits formed–from Precambrian seas and Silurian marine reefs to the Carboniferous swamps and the vast continental glaciers of the Pleistocene Ice Age. The second session will feature an identification clinic to which course participants can bring in their own specimens for display and analysis by Mr. Wiggers.

Mr. Wiggers, who currently teaches Earth Science on the faculty of the Oakton Community College, has taught a host of college and adult-education courses in paleontology, geology, geography, and botany. He has also served as a primary consultant and on-air expert for the Discovery Channel’s Prehistoric Chicago documentary.

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