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Family Night at the Museum: Time Traveler Rescue

Friday, June 29, 2018; 6pm-8pm | Instructor: Kalee Kunkle

This program has been canceled for June 29.  Please check back for a rescheduled date and new upcoming family programs.

1 adult required to register with every 1-3 kids.

Urgent! The Museum Bureau of Time Travel needs your help. We’ve received reports from several alien scientists; their time machines are malfunctioning and they’re jumping through time with no control over where or when they travel. This is a call for junior agents who can help us figure out what went wrong.

We need adventurous families to join our team as we attempt to rescue these lost time travelers and repair their ships. Search for clues, solves puzzles and perform experiments that will give you the tools needed to rebuild their time machines and bring them back to the present.

We are sorry. Online registration for this event has closed.